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Taylor Forge Stainless, Inc

This section details some of the history of Taylor Forge, from our inception in 1900, to our current capabilities over 100 years later. 

Founded in 1900, Taylor Forge has continuously been a pioneer in the research, development and manufacture of forged steel flanges, welding fittings, rolled rings and a wide range of engineered products used by industry throughout the world.  At one time, Taylor Forge had sales offices throughout the world operating under the Gulf +Western Energy Group name.  In 1984, G+W divested itself of the many Taylor Forge operations, resulting in Taylor Forge Stainless (Somerville, NJ) plant being sold and becoming a privately owned and operated manufacturing facility, focusing on the buttweld fitting product lines.

Taylor Forge Stainless now serves virtually every industry where piping systems are found:  hydrocarbon and other processing, power generation, marine, oilfield, pipeline, and commercial and industrial construction.   All Taylor Forge stainless and alloy components are manufactured to highest quality control standards.  Taylor Forge Stainless is a QSC (Quality System Certificate) holder as a Material Organization and we have maintained our ASME certificate for over 30 years and we are one of the few manufacturers to do so. Our fittings are used in nuclear systems on U.S. Navy submarines and carriers. Taylor Forge fittings have been specified for nuclear and fossil fuel power generating plants around the world.  Quick turnarounds, and shut down situations are our specialty.

In order to meet the needs of our many customers, Taylor Forge Stainless has continued to make significant investments in equipment to improve productivity and lower costs.  Through such investment, we plan to maintain our leadership in an increasingly competitive market, and while “stainless” is part of our name, Taylor Forge can provide many products in a variety of alloys.  New dies and fixtures have allowed Taylor Forge Stainless  to become competitive in the manufacture of various 180 degree Return Bends.

Taylor Forge Stainless Inc. is starting our second hundred years with an eye towards the future.  With customer satisfaction and the manufacture of a quality product as our main priorities, we are assured of success.

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